vol.15 (2007) No. 1

E. G. Goodaire
Advances in loop rings and their loops, pp. 1-18

J. I. Hall
Central automorphisms of Latin square designs and loops, pp. 19-46

K. Karzel
Loops related to geometric structures, pp. 47-76

G. P. Nagy and P. Vojtĕchovský
Computing with small quasigroups and loops, pp. 77-94

M. Niemenmaa and M. Rytty
Connected transversals and multiplication groups of loops, pp. 95-107

J. D. H. Smith
Four lectures on quasigroup representations, pp. 109-140

A. A. Ungar
Gyrogroups, the grouplike loops in the service of hyperbolic geometry
and Einstein's special theory of relativity, pp. 141-168

I. M. Wanless
Transversals in latin squares, pp. 169-190

vol.15 (2007) No. 2

J. O. Adeniran and T. G. Jaiyola
On central loops and the central square property, pp. 191-200

M. Akram
Intuitionistic (S,T)-fuzzy Lie ideals of Lie algebras, pp. 201-218

R. Ameri, M. Bakhshi, S. A. N. Zadeh and R. Borzooei
Fuzzy (strong) congruence relations on hypergroupoids and hyper BCK-algebras,
pp. 219-232

M. H. Armanious and E. M. A. Elzayat
Subdirectly irreducible sloops and SQS-skeins, pp. 233-250

G. Belyavskaya
S-systems of n-ary quasigroups, pp. 251-260

N. C. Fiala
Double Ward quasigroups, pp. 261-262

N. C. Fiala
Short identities implying a quasigroup is a loop or group, pp. 263-271

M. J. Grannell, T. S. Griggs and M. Knor
Biembeddings of Latin squares of side 8, pp. 273-278

N. Kehayopulu and M. Tsingelis
Fuzzy ideals in ordered semigroups, pp. 279-289

A. Krapez
A note on Belousov quasigroups, pp. 291-294

Q. Musthaq and M. Khan
A note on an Abel-Grassmann 3-band, pp. 295-301

Q. Musthaq and M. Khan
Decompositions of an AG*-groupoids, pp. 303-308

K. Pioro
On finite quasigroups whose subquasigroup lattices are distributive, pp. 309-316