vol.24 (2016) No. 1

R. Akhtar
On generalized associativity in groupoids, pp. 1-6

A. K. Bhuniya and K. Jana
Characterizations of Clifford semigroups and t-Putcha semigroups by their quasi-ideals, pp. 7-16

M. R. Darafsheh and M. Abdollahi
Normal edge-transitive Cayley graphs on certain groups of orders 4n and 8n, pp. 17-23

Y. B. Jun, S. Z. Song and G. Muhiuddin
Filter theory in EQ-algebras based on soft sets, pp. 25-32

W. Khan, F. Yousafzai and K. P. Shum
Minimal ideals of Abel-Grassmann's groupoids, pp. 33-42

A. Knoebel
Flocks, groups and heaps, joined with semilattices, pp. 43-66

P. Kumar, M. K. Dubey and P. Sarohe
On 2-absorbing ideals in commutative semirings, pp. 67-74

P. Luangchaisri and T. Changphas
On the principal (m,n)-ideals in the direct product of two semigroups, pp. 75-80

M. Mahmoudi and M. Yavari
Characterizing monomorphisms of actions on directed complete posets (S-dcpo), pp. 81-92

Sh. Malekpour and B. Bazigaran
Some properties of a graph associated to a lattice, pp. 93-102

M. L. Merlini Giuliani, G. S. Anjos and C. J. Colbourn
Steiner loops satisfying the statement of Moufang's theorem, pp. 103-108

Gh. Moghaddadsi and M. Haddadi
On injective and subdirectly irreducible S-posets over left zero posemigroups, pp. 109-116

M. R. Molaei
Dynamic groups, pp. 117-122

M. Nadeem, M. Aslam and M.A. Anjum
On the generalization of Breser theorems, pp. 123-128

S. Patchakhieo and B. Pibaljommee
Characterizations of ordered k-regular semirings by closure operations, pp. 129-140

vol.24 (2016) No. 2

M. Akram and A. Farooq
m-polar fuzzy Lie ideals of Lie algebras, pp. 141-150

C. S. Anabanti
On locally maximal product-free sets in 2-groups of coclass 1, pp. 151-156

B. Asadian and N. Ahanjideh
Structure of the finite groups with 4p elements of maximal order, pp. 157-168

J. A. Awolola and A. M. Ibrahim
Some results on multigroups, pp. 169-177

E. Y. Celikel
On quasi n-absorbing elements of multiplicative lattices, pp. 179-185

N. N. Didurik and I. A. Florja
A note on left loops with WA-property, pp. 187-196

S. Dog
On entropicity in n-ary semigroups,pp. 197-204

W. A. Dudek and R. A. R. Monzo
On the fine structure of quadratical quasigroups, pp. 205-218

W. A. Dudek and V. S. Trokhimenko
On (i,j)-commutativity in Menger algebras of n-place functions, pp. 219-230

Y. B. Jun and X. H. Zhang
Soft set theoretical approach to residuated lattices, pp. 231-246

N. Kehayopulu
On the paper "On dual ordered semigroups", pp. 247-248

D. Mechkaroska, A. Popovska-Mitrovikj and V. Bakeva
Cryptcodes Based on Quasigroups in Gaussian channel, pp. 249-268

S. Shafiq and M. Aslam
Centralizers on semiprime MA-semirings, pp. 269-276

T. Suksumran and A. A. Ungar
Gyrogroups and the Cauchy property, pp. 277-286